Five safety tips for solo female travelers

Hey ladies, do you wish to travel solo? If yes, consider the below points and enjoy your journey. A portion of the human population believes that solo travel is not for women. They opine that females are weaker compared to males and can be taken advantage of. Well, don’t take their opinions and beliefs seriously. Live your life as you wish but with the necessary precautions listed below.

  • Create a strategy
  • Inform close friends
  • Use public transport
  • Pick hostels or homestays
  • Be confident and polite

Create a strategy: Don’t just book flight tickets without researching your destination. Learn about the place and then make a move. Always, pick a location that has good public transportation services. It is not safe to rely on private sources when you are alone. Also, ensure to land at the destination in the morning and not at night. Why would you want to struggle at a new place during the night without any support? No reason.

Inform close friends: Traveling alone is surely fun but make sure your friends and family are informed about your movements. Share the contact number of the driver with your close family members. Also, don’t forget to share your live location to avoid tricky situations.


Use public transport: This is no brainer; choosing public transport is the best option because you get to meet like-minded people and make friends. It is not safe to depend on private cabs as you can get into trouble if the localites are unhelpful. Traveling with a group on public transport will not cause anxiety or uncomfortableness for you. You can feel safe and enjoy the journey.

Pick hostels or homestays: Many solo travelers utilize hostels meaning when you decide to share a room with them, you can socialize and become friends. On the other hand, if your choice to take shelter is a hotel, you can get caught up in unnecessary situations. Socializing with other solo travelers can open a variety of opportunities for you. Who knows you might find a best friend in one of them.

Be confident and polite: One of the challenges for a female traveler is the intrusion by creeps. Yes, some indecent individuals might try to give/gain attention. The best approach to dealing with such people is to be polite yet confident enough to say no when required.

From the above, it is evident that female solo travelers can enjoy their journey provided they keep their close ones informed about their movements, follow the created strategy, use public transport, stay in hostels/homestays, and carry confidence as safety measures.