History of Development of Western Fashion

As early as the dawn of human civilization, men used to dress in animal skins in order to keep warm. When agriculture developed, people adopted clothing from animal skins and wool. This clothing was relied on for warmth and protection from the winter.

Fashion has a very interesting historical significance. Its significance is not limited till evolution of trends or styles; rather, it also had significance in the cultural as well as political shifts that have nourished our civilization since records began. Western culture always consisted of Western fashion, but only recently have we realized how much of an impact it has on human lives.

As per record, the term “fashion” has been first used on 1009 AD, which described the way one dresses. In fact, the word is believed to come from an Italian word meaning “to make” or “to do.” The term “fashion” was used around 1460 AD more often for referring to fabrics and clothing.

The History of Western Fashion

Fashion Tips

In English, the word “fashion” was used on 1375 for the first time. The Oxford English Dictionary records the use of the word as early as from the middle of the15th century, as “the type of dress worn by a particular person” or “the style of dress worn at the time”. A person’s unique dress style.

There are several facets to fashion, but they can be mainly divided into two categories: clothing and accessories. Each of the two categories has further subcategories having their own subdivisions.

  • Clothing – The apparel category includes items such as shoes and socks, and accessories such as hats, scarves. Clothing created from natural ingredients like textiles and leather, or artificial materials like nylon and polyester. There can be a purpose for designing clothes, such as, Sportswear or official wear. Existence of clothing can be found in different cultures around the world for many years.
  • Accessories – They include items worn over other clothing items, often used as an additional layer to help protect the item from damage due to weather, wind resistance, and other factors. Increase accessories consists of hats, belts, scarves. The Latin term “accessorius” was the point of origin of the term “accessory”, which means “addition”. Originally, it was used as winter clothing, but now it has evolved into a stylish outerwear that is worn throughout the year by both male and female!