Things to know about magic mushrooms

magic mushrooms

Magic mushrooms are usually known as psilocybin mushrooms. The magic mushrooms are a kind of fungi. These Magic mushrooms contain Psilocybian, which is a psychoactive compound. Ds psycho active compounds will have mind altering effects and also hallucinogenic effect on a person when it is ingested. But the taste of the magic mushroom is not palatable. But still people like to eat the magic mushrooms because of the effect it is giving to the body. Because of this reason many chocolate bars nowadays are using the magic mushroom extracts. The effect of the magic mushrooms changes from person to person. The effect of magic mushrooms varies from euphoria, visual distortions and also varied sensory perception. After taking the magic mushrooms, the individual may also have enhanced creativity, and a sense of interconnection. After taking the magic mushrooms, the individual may also have enhanced creativity, and a sense of interconnection. The magic mushrooms have been used as a food from centuries in various places across the world. The magic mushrooms also have many therapeutic potentials. The magic mushrooms mainly deal with anxiety and depression. Many studies support the psychotherapy in the depression patients with the help of magic mushrooms. The magic mushrooms are usually consumed in various ways like dried mushrooms or eating it directly. But anything beyond the requirement is always dangerous. So, it is important to take the specific dosage of the magic mushrooms. The dosage of the magic mushrooms depends on the person’s age, sex and also weight of the person. Therefore, people started making chocolate bars which contains the extracts of magic mushrooms. This will limit the intake of the magic mushrooms when compared to eating the magic mushrooms, directly. The chocolate bars are available in various flavors. This also will make the person to eat in a very controlled manner. As magic, mushrooms are not legally accepted in many places across the world. Taking the chocolate bars with magic mushroom extracts is a good option to the people who likes to eat magic mushrooms. Nowadays there is more interest coming on the usage of the magic mushrooms due to its effects showing on the body. Due to the interest created in the people there are many studies happening on the magic mushrooms right now for the intake and its effects in the body.


Before you start taking any food item, it is always important to know its availability and its effects on the body.